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Econoline Parts

FDA 18472-A = Hose - Hot Water Heater
Bulk 9/16" I.D. hot water hose, 100 feet long, heat and oil resistant. Cut to length.
Part Number
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FDA 18472-A
Ford Part NumberFDA 18472-A
Identification (printed on part)heat and oil resistant
Quantity per VehicleAR
Part was Replaced By
This Part ReplacesC3DE 9C525-A
This Part Goes with these Other Parts97333-S35
This Part is Part of this Larger Assembly
Instruction Sheet Number
Autolite/Motorcraft Number
Aftermarket Part
Opposite (left-right) Part
Part used in other Fords
Notes9/16" I.D. is slightly smaller than the usual 5/8" but can work.
Source of Information
extra notes
database ID5433

Drawings related to this part

YearsDrawing NameDescription
1961-1964 Heater Parts - Fresh Air
1961-1963 Engine Assembly for 144/170 Engine
1965-1967 Heater Parts - Fresh Air
1964-1967 144/170 Engine Assembly (1964 is shown)

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