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Econoline Identification

Here is the Warranty plate data from a specific Ford Econoline

screw hole ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??? screw hole
MAX G.V.W. LBS   CERT. NET H.P.   R.P.M.   D.S.O.
????H HTT ???? ????HE

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Year - Model Name:unknown    E100
Warranty Number:????HEYTHERE,F
Series Code (1st - 3rd digits):???unknown unknown without year info
Engine (4th digit):?unknown
Assembly Plant (5th digit):HLorain, Ohio
Year/month built:incorrect serial number
Wheelbase (front to rear axle distance):???incorrect data, it should be 90
Interior Soft Trim (first digit of Body):
Body Style (last digits in Body):
Rear Axle:??unknown
Spring Special?:?No
Gross Vehicle Weight (lbs):????H