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Econoline Identification

Here is the Warranty plate data from a specific Ford Econoline

screw hole 090 8 E110 489 A 03 screw hole
MAX G.V.W. LBS   CERT. NET H.P.   R.P.M.   D.S.O.

Notes: This is a yellow window van, two full front seats, two visors, two armrests, radio, windshield washers, lighter, no rear seat mounts, front headliner only and no interior panels.

Year - Model Name:1965    E100
Warranty Number:E11TH688366
Series Code (1st - 3rd digits):E11Ford Econoline - Falcon Station Bus
Engine (4th digit):T170 cui I6
Assembly Plant (5th digit):HLorain, Ohio
Year/month built:May 1965
Wheelbase (front to rear axle distance):09090"
Color:8Springtime Yellow 1955
Model:E110Falcon Club Wagon (standard, 1/2-ton payload)
Interior Soft Trim (first digit of Body):4Light beige crush vinyl and light beige stitch pattern vinyl
Body Style (last digits in Body):89Van
Transmission:AFord 3-speed manual, model 3.03 HEF
Gears: 1st=3.41, 2nd=1.86, 3rd=1.00, R=3.51
Rear Axle:03WCC-M, 7-1/4" gear
3.50:1 ratio, 2300 lbs. rating
MAX G.V.W. LBS:missing data (not included on Falcon models)
CERT. NET H.P. (Horsepower)

missing data (not included on Falcon models)
Regional Sales District:74Seattle
Special Order:not a special order (or missing data)

NOTES: The following may or may not apply to this particular vehicle.

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