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Econoline Tires and Wheels

YearOriginal Tire SizeP-Metric Tire SizeWheel-Rim SizeWheel part #
1961-19676.50 x 13P175/80R1313 x 4.5C1UU 1007-A
before #872001
6.50 x 13P175/80R1313 x 5.5C3UZ 1007-B
from #872001
6.50 x 13P175/80R1313 x 5.5C6TZ 1007-B
1961-19677.00 x 13P195/75R1313 x 5.5C3UZ 1007-B
1961-19637.50 x 13P205/75R1313 x 5.5C3UZ 1007-B
1964-19677.50 x 13P205/75R1313 x 4.5
except SuperVan
6.95 x 14P185/75R1414 x 5.5B8A 1015-A
E78 x 14P195/75R1414 x 5.5D2UZ 1015-A
1961-19677.00 x 14P195/75R1414 x 5.5B8A 1015-A
1961-19677.35 x 14P195/75R1414 x 5.5B8A 1015-A
1961-19677.50 x 14P205/75R1414 x 5B7A 1015-A
1961-19678.00 x 14P215/75R1414 x 5.5B8A 1015-A


Heavy Duty Tires

Other Wheels

Other Ford/Mercury wheels that should work on 1961-1967 Econolines

Newer Ford Wheels that Might Work

NOTE: The hub diameter (hole in the center of the rim) makes a difference. Some vehicles might have the same bolt hole pattern, but the hub diameter might be too small. Too large is usually OK.

Econoline Hub Caps

YearDescriptionPart #
1961-196213" diameter with black depressionsC0DZ 1130-B
1961-196613" diameter with white depressionsC1DD 1130-D
1961-196213 3/4" diameter for 14" wheelsC1AA 1130-C
1961-19629 1/4" diameter with white lettersC1DD 1130-C
1961-19669 1/4" diameter, argent with red lettersC3UZ 1130-A
1961-19669 1/4" diameter, chrome with black letters
for deluxe cab
C1DD 1130-B
1965-19669 11/16" diameter, FORD imprintC5TZ 1130-C
1964-19679 1/2" diameter, stainless, bright letters on blackC4OZ 1130-A
1964-196710 1/4" diameter, stainless, bright letters on blackC4AZ 1130-A
1965-196710 1/4" diameter, white, white letters on redC5TZ 1130-A
Canada Mercury
13" wheels, chromeCDC2UA 1130-A
Canada Mercury
13" wheels, paintedCDC5UA 1130-A
Canada Mercury
10 1/8" diameter, chrome, for 14" wheelsC2MA 1130-A
1961-196210 1/4" diameter for 14" wheelsC1AA 1130-B
196310 1/4" diameter for 14" wheels, 40 depresionsC3AZ 1130-A
1961-1963Wheel Trim Ring AssemblyC0DD 1210-A

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