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The Spring Special

The Spring Special was a sales promotion to encourage sales of the Econoline pickups in Spring 1965, specifically from May 1 through July 20. The dealer could order these special pickup trucks without paying the extra $251.90 for the following custom features. This savings was often passed on to the customer.

Here is the Spring Special dealer information page, which shows the options that Ford added to the pickups. The Poppy Red paint color was a special color for the Spring Special pickups. The wide side trim was available only on Spring Special pickups and some Falcon Deluxe Club Wagons.

These Spring Specials are considered to be rare. It is estimated that there were between 2,000 and 2,500 of these Spring Special pickups made.

Spring Specials are identified by an extra "1" at the end of the Axle code on the vehicle data plate.

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