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Econoline Series Codes

The Series Code is indicated by the first three digits of the warranty number. The first digit is always an E, which indicates that it is in the Econoline family. All 1961-1967 Econolines were sold as E100 models. The second and third digit tells the body style for the van and pickup as well as the trim level for the passenger van.

Series Code Year Series Description
E10 61 Pickup or Van
E11 61 Station Bus
E12 61 Custom Station Bus
E11 62-65 Falcon Station Bus (Standard Station Bus)
E12 62-65 Falcon Club Wagon (Custom Station Bus)
E10 62-67 Pickup
E13 62-67 Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon
E14 62-67 Van
E15 63 Pickup (H.D. 4850 G.V.W.)
E17 63 Falcon Station Bus (H.D. 4850 G.V.W.)
E16 63-64 Van (H.D. 4850 G.V.W.)
E15 64-67 Panel Van
E16 65-67 SuperVan (extended)
E17 65-67 Super Panel Van
E11 66-67 Falcon Club Wagon
E12 66-67 Falcon Custom Club Wagon


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