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Heavy Duty Econolines

Heavy Duty Vehicles

The Heavy Duty package was available from 1963 to 1967, and increased the payload rating to one ton. The Heavy Duty option started in February 1963. This means the Econoline could carry up to 2,000 pounds of cargo and passengers combined.

The Heavy Duty package included:

NOTE: Most of these options could be ordered separate from the Heavy Duty package.

Note that all Supervans had the Heavy Duty frame, but were not necessarily rated heavy duty due to springs, etc.

Frame and Underbody Member Thickness Comparison

Rear floor, longitudinal side members (frame rails)0.05"-_0.048"0.106"
Rear spring front hanger-_-_0.075"0.125"_0.12"_0.12"_0.12"_0.12"
Reinforcement for rear spring, front hanger-_-_0.075"0.125"________
Rear floor, front pan assembly-_-_0.035"0.048"________
Front floor - outer cross members,
Rear floor - front cross member,
Rear floor - center cross member,
Rear floor - outer center cross member,
Rear floor - rear cross member,
Rear side extension - floor reinf. L&R,
Rear floor - rear sill inner panel

NOTE: 3 decimal digits are from Ford specs. Two digits are from actual measurements.

How To Identify Heavy Duty

Look at the upper rear shock bolt tubes where they go through the frame. Standard models have square plates reinforcing the frame around the tubes, but Heavy Duty trucks do not have the plates, since the frame is thicker.

Heavy Duty Brakes

Heavy-duty brakes could be ordered separately from the Heavy Duty payload package. Not all Heavy Duty Econolines came with heavy-duty brakes.

The heavy-duty brake option was available only from 1966 to 1967. The front drums were the same width and diameter as the standard drums, but had cooling fins that stretched accross the drum.

Front and rear heavy-duty brake shoes were included.

The 9" rear axle was required in order to get the heavy-duty brake package. The rear drums were not finned.

The package included 14" wheels to accommodate the larger finned brake drums.

About 20 percent of 1966-1967 Econolines came with heavy-duty brakes

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