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Econoline Drawings

Drawings associated with 1961-1967 Econolines

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Year Drawing Description Drawing Name Section Source
1961 Electrical Wiring Diagram 1961-Electrical Electrical Shop Manual
1961 Ignition Switch Test B1331-C Electrical Shop Manual
1961 Resistance Wire Test B1332-C Electrical Shop Manual
1961 Starting Ignition Circuit Test B1333-C Electrical Shop Manual
1961-1966 Engine Ignition Wiring - 170 and 200 Six B1334-B Electrical Shop Manual
1961-1965 Ignition System Circuit - Typical B1476-B Electrical Shop Manual
1966-1967 Ignition System Circuit - Typical B1476-C Electrical Shop Manual
1965-1967 Ignition Switch Test B2002-B Electrical Shop Manual
dual relay set up to allow for +12V at EFI when starting and running dual-relays-to-power-EFI Electrical
1961-1967 Cooling & Engine - electrical, generator, alternator, regulator, horns, horn relay, distributor cap est-023 Electrical Parts and Labor Estimating Manual
1961-1967 Instrument Cluster - Constant Voltage Regulator K1026-A Electrical Shop Manual
1961 Temperature Gauge Circuit K1028-A Electrical Shop Manual
1965-1967 Headlight Beam Selector Switch K1070-B Electrical Shop Manual
1961-1967 Ignition Switch Removal - Typical K1176-A Electrical Shop Manual
1961 Fuel Gauge Circuit K1199-A Electrical Shop Manual
1967 Ignition, Starting, Charging and Gauges Wiring Diagram K1732-B Electrical Shop Manual
1961-1967 Ignition Wiring (1961-1964 Ignition Wiring, 144/170 engine, with generator) P-3426 Electrical Truck Parts Catalog
1961-1967 Wiring System - Instrument Panel - 87 pickup P-3427 Electrical Truck Parts Catalog
1964-1967 170 Engine Wiring System P-8238 Electrical Truck Parts Catalog
1965-1967 240 Engine Wiring System P-8239 Electrical Truck Parts Catalog

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