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Econoline Drawings

Drawings associated with 1961-1967 Econolines

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Year Drawing Description Drawing Name Section Source
1961-1967 Lug Nut 1012 Wheels
1961-1967 Wheel/Rim (C1UU 1007-A, C3UZ 1007-B, C6TZ 1007-B, B7A 1015-A, B8A 1015-A, D2UZ 1015-A, C5TZ 1015-M) 1015 Wheels
1961-1967 Nut - Wheel Hub Bolt (Lug Nut) C0AZ 1012A C0AZ_1012A Wheels
1961-1967 Extension - Tire Valve C0DZ 1705-A C0DZ_1705-A Wheels
1961-1967 Bolt - Front and Rear Axle Hub/Lug C1AZ 1107-A C1AZ_1107-A Wheels
1665-1966 Cap - Wheel Hub "MERCURY" (Canada Only) C2MA 1130-A C2MA_1130-A Wheels
1963-1966 Cap - Wheel Hub C3UZ 1130-A C3UZ_1130-A Wheels
1961-1967 Wheel - wheel, hub cap, wheel cover est-042 Wheels Parts and Labor Estimating Manual
1961-1967 Tire Cross-Switching Diagram F1019-A Wheels Shop Manual
1961-1967 Tubeless Tire Mounting Band F1021-A Wheels Shop Manual
1965-1967 Tire Bead Loosening Tool F1058-A Wheels Shop Manual
1961-1967 Front Wheel and Related Parts P-1381 Wheels Truck Parts Catalog

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