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Screw - Round Head

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exploded drawing


The year(s) listed is based on data from many publications and may not include all appropriate years.

Parts related to this Drawing

Part Number Years Part Name Description Application
26479-S7-8 1961-1962 Screw - Jet and Main Well to Main Body No. 6-32, 1/2" long, round-head screw carburetor part number: C1UE 9510-A, C1UZ 9510-B, C2UZ 9510-A, C2UZ 9510-B, C2UZ 9510-C, C2UZ 9510-D
144 engine carburetor tag: A0U1AA, C1UE 9510-A, C2UE-A, C2UE 9510-A, C2UE-B, C2UE 9510-B, C2UE-M, C2UE 9510-M
170 engine carburetor tag: APT1AA, C1UE 9510-D, C2UE 9510-C, C2UE-C, C2UE 9510-E, C2UE-E, C2UE 9510-L, C2UE-L
26483-S7 1961-1962 Screw - Front License Plate Mounting Bracket to Support 1/4"-20, 1/2" long, round-head, slotted-head, screw
26511-S7-8 1966-1967 Screw - Front Turn Indicator Lamp Lens to Lamp Body No. 6-32, 3/4" long, round-head screw optional ICC lights, screw-mount type lens
26578-S7-8 1961 Bolt - Front Door Arm Rest No. 12-24, 1-1/2" long, round-head screw
27177-S7 1961-1963 Screw - Ignition Coil Mounting Strap Clamp No. 10-32, 1-1/2" long, round-head screw 144, 170 engine
27185-S2 1964-1967 Screw - Ignition Coil Mounting Strap Clamping No. 10-32, 1-5/8" long, round-head screw 144, 170 engine
53866-S7-8 1964-1967 Screw - Transmission part No. 10-24, 1" long, round-head screw

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