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First-Generation Econoline Dimensions

1961-1964 dimensions (side and rear)

1961-1967 frame measurements


Wheelbase (W.B.) is the distance from the front wheel/axle to the rear wheel/axle. For all 1961 to 1967 Econolines the wheelbase is 90 inches, which is rather short for a van/truck, and more in line with a fine sports car.
On the passenger vans, such as Station Bus, Falcons, and Club Wagons, the wheelbase (W.B.) code on the door tag is left blank.

Axle Track

In the sixties, Ford called Axle Track the Tread. This is the distance between the center lines of two tires on the same axle.

Front axle track on all Econolines is 60".

Rear axle track on all Econolines is 60.2".

This means the rear tires were spaced slighting further apart than the front tires. Can you tell two-tenths of an inch just by looking at the front and rear of the Econoline?


The overall length changed slightly in 1965 when the bumpers changed.

Body Style1961-19641965-1967
Cargo van, panel van, wagon, Falcon, etc.168.4"167.4"
SuperVan or extended body184.7"185.4"

NOTE: The pickup could be ordered without a rear bumper, and the dealer could have installed a different bumper. This would change the standard lengths.

Load Capacities

Pickup - 73 cubic feet

Van or wagon without rear seats - 204 cubic feet

SuperVan (extended body) - 251 cubic feet

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