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Econoline Parts

???? 9D585-? = part? - Accelerator Pump Linkage
Application(170?) 240 engine
Part Number
(should be same as below)(this line goes away)
???? 9D585-?
Ford Part Number???? 9D585-?
Identification (printed on part)
Quantity per Vehicle1
Part was Replaced By
This Part Replaces
This Part Goes with these Other Parts9D583
This Part is Part of this Larger Assembly9528
Instruction Sheet Number
Autolite/Motorcraft Number
Aftermarket Part
Opposite (left-right) Part
Part used in other Fords
Source of Information
extra notes
database ID3321

Drawings related to this part

YearsDrawing NameDescription
1965-1967 Carburetor (Ford 1B, #1100) - 240 engine
1965-1967 Carburetor (Ford 1B, #1100) - 240 Engine (Includes Automatic Transmission and Thermactor-Equipped)

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