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Canadian Econoline Identification (VIN Decoder)

Enter the Warranty plate data from Ford Econolines assembled in Canada from 1961 to 1965.

Show the page for Econolines assembled in the United States.

NOTE: See the notes below before entering data. It might help get the right numbers in the right place.

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Special features (check all that apply):
3-window pickup (don't count the windshield or wing vents)
5-window pickup (don't count the windshield or wing vents)
display van (windows on right side of van, but not on left side)
panel van (no cargo doors on either side of van)
8-door van (cargo doors on both sides of van)
window van (windows on both sides of van)

Notes about this vehicle:

Include in the notes section whether this is a pickup or van, since the data plate does not always tell this. Also include if the van has 8 doors or has other unusual factory features.


The SERIAL NO. section changed after 1963. Prior to that the part that ends in "L" was on the right and the part that ends in "A" was on the left.

One part of the SERIAL NO. contains 8 characters.

One part of the SERIAL NO. contains 7 characters.

TRIM should be two digits.

PAINT should be two or three digits.

AXLE RATIO should look like 4.00:1. The colon might be shown as a second period or a slash.

W.B. is the wheelbase, which is always 90 or 090.

ENGINE is two digits before the dash.

TRANS. is all of the digits after the dash. There might not be a dash.

MAX G.V.W.LB. is the maximum gross vehicle weight in pounds, or the maximum total weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo. This is always a 4-digit number (5- if there is a leading zero). This is blank for passenger vehicles.

SPECIAL ORDER NO. is the district code (2-digits before the dash) and special order code (digits after the dash (or space)).

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