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Bolt or Screw - Fillister Head, Cross Recessed

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exploded drawing


The year(s) listed is based on data from many publications and may not include all appropriate years.

Parts related to this Drawing

Part Number Years Part Name Description Application
354746-S100 1964-1967 Screw - Dashpot Link Adjusting No. 8-32, 3/4" long, cross-recessed, fillister-head screw carburetor part number: C3UZ 9510-G, C4UZ 9510-A, C4UZ 9510-B, C5UZ 9510-B, C5UZ 9510-E, C5UZ 9510-F, C5UZ 9510-H, C5UZ 9510-J, C6UZ 9510-A, C6UZ 9510, C6UZ 9510-C, C6UZ 9510-D, C6UZ 9510-E, C6UZ 9510-F, C7UZ 9510-A, C7UZ 9510-B-B, C7UZ 9510-C, C7UZ 9510-D
144, 170 engine carburetor: C5PF-G, C8PF-D
170 engine carburetor: C4UF-A, C4UF-L, C4UF-T, C5UF-B, C5UF-F, C5UF-L, C5UF-M, C6UF-A, C6UF-B, C7UF-A, C7UF-B, C7UF-K, C8PF-H
240 engine carburetor: C5UF-H, C6UF-S, C6UF-V, C6UF-C, C6UF-G, C6UF-U, C6UF-D, C6UF-H, C6UF-T, C7UF-C, C7UF-G, C8PF-J, C7UF-D, C7UF-H, C6PF-K, C7UF-E, C7UF-F, C8PF-C
378149-S 1964-1967 Screw - Main Control No. 10-24, 1-3/8" long, cross-recessed, fillister-head, screw

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